Alternatives To Bitcoin A Look At Other Major Crypto Currencies

The Crypotocurrency Bitcoin has lately been in news because of the sudden surge in its value pursued by an extravagant crash. The meteoric rise and fall in the digital currency Bitcoin value has put alternative currencies in the limelight. No computer controls the currency since these are based on peer-to-peer protocols and therefore networks track all the digital currencies. However, few know the actual use of coins and don’t know how exactly they could ‘carry’ these around.

Make sure that you are using multiple forms of utility for the buying and selling of the coins on the crypto exchange. Binance reviews will allow you to make more money and fulfill all the needs for trading on the online platform. There is a need to know about the requirements if you want to have success in cryptocurrency trading.

The coins are virtual currencies that exist as computer files only. Most of the alternatives to Bitcoin are mined through solving hard mathematical problems. Before putting time and money into Bitcoin, have a look at the list of alternatives to Bitcoin.


Litecoin is a crytography-based digital currency similar to Bitcoin that has seen a great rise in its value in recent times. It is best described as an offshoot of bitcoin being a peer-to-peer open source digital currency. Litecoin can be mined effectively by standard computers because of its algorithm, originally developed by Dr Colin Percival. It is designed basically for the Tarsnap safe online backup service for Linux and other open source operating systems. However, Litecoin doesn’t need much computing power for mining.


Namecoin is the other open source offshoot based on bitcoin. It is considered as decentralised DNS, a protocol on the web turning human-understandable website names like into the addresses comprehensible to machines. The cryptocurrency runs outside the regular web and hence outside the supremacy of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann). The value and the domain name of the currency are stored within the blockchain record, keeping the total number of name-coins to 21m. Each coin is divisible down to eight decimal places.

This is basically built on Bitcoin technology. However, it adds a parallel web which is uncensored and outside government switch. It also means that the security exploits would not work if used by big corporate businesses or by the government.


Peercoin is peer-to-peer currency that promises increased efficiency of mining, enhanced security and safeguards to prevent abuse by group mining. As per, Peercoin has fourth-largest market cap amid “altcoins”. The website is known to trace emerging and traded currencies. It has a centralized transaction inspection system, controlled by the creator of the crypto currency, Sunny King.


Primecoin makes use of a totally separate mathematical basis for mining. It is the reason why cryptocurrencies like bitcoin differ at their core. It depends on long Cunningham chains to create value within the currency. It is a certain arrangement of prime numbers, called after the mathematician AJC Cunningham. The mining of primecoin upsurges slightly with every new coin created. It has scaled more than bitcoin’s larger shift.


The cypto currency was announced in April 2013 and is more difficult to mine than the litecoin. Feathercoin updates itself frequently to include the latest features and improvements, like including abuse prevention and forking by group mining. It is based on litecoin.


Novacoin- the crypto currency differs from many other altcoins by assimilating protection schemes inside the core of the currency, thus preventing abuse by mining groups. The peer-to-peer digital currency has a technical cap of 2 bn coins. It is a much bigger number than many other crypto currencies that have topped out in billions of coins. The cap can also be boosted giving novacoin a theoretical dynamic inflation.


This is another litecoin spin-off released in June, 2013. It differs from other cypto currencies in terms of mining difficulty level. The total number of coins created is 1142.86 times as many as the litecoin.


Megacoin is restricted to 42m total coins and is analogue to Bitcoin in its infancy. It was announced in fourth quarter of 2013. The key selling point is its overt branding which is usually not present in other digital currencies.

Quark coin

Quark coin has taken the security elements of the crypto currency into consideration, employing nine separate rounds of encryption making use of six different algorithms. It is similar to the altcoin in its infancy and was announced in 2013.


BerkShares represents a local currency while Bitcoin and Litecoin are used globally. These are accepted in Berkshires, which is a region in western Massachusetts. Berkshares is a currency distinguishing the local establishments that accept the currency from those that do not, creating solid relationships and greater empathy between the business people and the citizens.

The cryptocurrencies find their best use in international trading and money transfers where the overheads of currency exchange margins and credit card fees are increasingly high.

Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins can be switched for “Kindle Fire games, apps or in-app items.” People get 500 Amazon Coins of $5 in value by buying a Kindle Fire, or can also purchase more Coins with some savings.

Moving your Bitcoins into normal cash still attracts fees of around 5% including buying and selling, so real savings is made if your business is happy to work with Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are charming and the demand of easy money might fire the imagination. Before spending any serious money, do a lot of homework if you still fancy about cryptocurrencies, since there are serious dangers and you can easily lose money in spite of making a profit.