Beanies: one of the most versatile pieces of accessory available today

It is a type of brimless cap which hugs the whole of your head and tucks in just over the ears. It is commonly made of cotton or wool or felt, but one may also find it in leather or even silk. The exact time and place of its origin are unclear, but it is known to emerge from the United States in the early 1900s where it was mostly worn by college students and up until the 60s, it was something that even the blue-collar workers like physical laborers, miners, loggers, farmers, etc started wearing them to keep themselves warm while working. Back then, it was not seen as something of a fashion piece but a necessity. It was in the 90s when it took off and has retained its position to become an adored and must-have accessory we know today. 

Why is it so popular?

Beanies have been in the scene for a long time. Back in the 90s, it was worn very popular among skateboarders and hip-hop artists, thereby making it a hit in the public. It goes well with almost any piece of clothing making it super versatile. Nowadays you cannot go through a couple of posts on social media and not see someone sport a beanie. 

Other than this, some other reasons may include:

  • They are stylish, simple, and most importantly- affordable making them a great investment. 
  • It has also taken market among different demographics from teenagers to young adults and even adults in a great deal. 
  • Instagram models and influencers are wearing them making them a sensation. 
  • Due to the wide range of sizes and customizations available, anyone can wear it.

Types of Beanies:

Due to its massive popularity and ever-growing demand, it was only natural that people would design various types of beanies, some of them being:

  • Hipster beanie.
  • Cuffless beanie.
  • Woven beanie.
  • Cuffed beanie.
  • Bobble beanie.
  • Earflap beanie.
  • Fisherman beanie.
  • Short beanie.
  • Slouched beanie.

One for everyone’s liking.

Beanies for all weather, especially winters

bulk winter beanies are made up of numerous materials making them very flexible. The ones made of cotton and other light fabric are good insulators making them easy to wear even on hot summer days. Other than being fashionable, it is very purposeful, too. Its main use is to keep one from the cold. Beanies made from wool, or a cotton-wool blend are extremely warm and keep the head and the ears from the cold. There is even a special kind of wool extracted in Iceland which is reckoned to be the warmest material there is. 

There are countless e-commerce websites and businesses that sell these hats. One can buy them anytime anywhere. There are numerous whole sellers, too selling it in bulk, which lessens the cost and offers a great deal. 

It has been a long way from the 1900s up until today, and the beanie has done a great job in marking its place. Its future also looks promising with maybe more types of new designs to keep up with the growing fashion culture all around.