Best Obsidian Knives for 2021

An obsidian knife is a knife with a blade made out of black, volcanic glass. Typically, these knives have a rounded tip, and a straight edge that curves outward towards the end of the handle called the quillon. These knives are created using hammering, grinding, or chipping techniques to create an extremely sharp edge and give the hard texture that makes it ideal for use in woodworking and fine toolmaking.

Obsidian is an originally occurring volcanic glass consisting of dark, black glass created when lava cools. Obsidian is usually found in areas where volcanoes and lava flows have flowed out across the land. The glass was a prized material for ancient people as it was believed to possess certain magical qualities and have the ability to be used for divination, smudging, curing or healing. It can also be used as a brilliant sharpening stone worn by early humans to protect them from injury. Here’s a look at the best obsidian knives currently on the market, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

Obsidian Hand Forged Knife Set

  • The Obsidian Hand Forged Knife Set is made up of three different knives. These are a chef’s knife, paring knife and bread knife, which means they can do almost every job in your kitchen. This set is hand-forged from obsidian and comes with stainless steel blades that are very durable. The blades are hand-forged with four different layers. First, the outer layer is the knife’s core, which has a hardness of 7. Next comes the sharpened blade, which has a hardness of 5.
  • The middle layer is a shock dissipation layer that softens any impact on the blade to protect against chipping and cracking. Finally, there is a protective coating on the inside of each blade which helps prevent corrosion and rusting due to moisture buildup or contact with liquids or acidic foods.
  • This set’s handle materials are made up of Micarta, a type of material that contains both carbon and silicon and gives the knives an astonishing hardness. The metal used in this knife set is high carbon steel that has been heat-treated and hardened. With these materials, you can rest assured, knowing that the knives will remain sharp for many years.
  • It is another brand of obsidian knives that use high carbon steel and are hand-forged from the same material as most traditional kitchen knives. The blade is made from a mixture of a few different types of obsidian material, making the knife very strong, durable and resistant to corrosion and rust. The handle is made from high-quality walnut wood that gives it an attractive look and allows for superior grip.

Obsidian knives make for an excellent addition to any kitchen or workshop as of their ability to be used as both a knife and tool for a single object. Although they require a little bit more care than their metal counterparts, they can last decades if properly cared for. So try to stay focused to understand the best knives better and buy them.