Boost Your Facebook Like Count: Tips to Take You From Blah to Bravo

Facebook can be an invaluable asset for businesses and brands, but it’s challenging to stand out from the crowd. What are some tips you can use to increase your page likes? Read on for our guide on how to take your page from blah to bravo!

Gaining free facebook page likes is essential in order to make a splash on Facebook. Here are a few tactics that will help you reach more people and get those all-important likes.

1. Leverage other social media platforms

If you’re already active on other social media networks, consider leveraging that presence with content designed specifically for those platforms. This could include creating hashtags, posting images and videos, or engaging in conversations about topics relevant to your business. By actively participating in other networks, you can drive more traffic back to your main Facebook page – increasing the number of likes it receives.

2. Use visual content

Visual content continues to be one of the most effective ways to engage with audiences online. Consider creating eye-catching infographics or funny memes, or post behind-the-scenes photos or videos directly related to your product or service. Not only will this type of content engage your followers, it also has the potential to be shared widely amongst users – resulting in even more exposure and additional page likes!

3. Offer contests & promotions

Everyone loves a good competition – especially when there are prizes involved! Offering incentives such as discounts or free products will encourage followers to participate – and get them excited about supporting your brand and liking your Facebook page in return. However, before running any type of promotion, make sure you check any rules that may apply (such as legal requirements).

4. Create engaging posts and stories

Creating posts that provide value or entertainment is essential if you want followers who are actually interested in what they see when they visit your Page; while clickbait titles may be tempting, opt instead for engaging stories that stimulate discussion among readers and provide useful insights into hot topics related to your business/industry, etc. Also, remember that asking questions is a great way to get people talking – so don’t be afraid to use polls!

5. Include links on your website & email signatures

If you have a blog, make sure links to your social media pages (including Twitter and Instagram) are visible on every post; similarly, include links in the signature at the bottom of any emails you or your staff send out – this will allow potential customers who may not have heard of you before to find their way straight to your pages! This is also likely to result in an increase in both website visits AND likes over time – making it an invaluable tactic overall.

6. Use hashtags wisely

Using relevant hashtags alongside each post can significantly increase its reach; by associating multiple hashtags with each update, you’re giving yourself access to a far wider variety of audiences than would otherwise be available by simply typing search terms into Google’s search bar! And remember – when adding hashtags, always make sure they’re relevant to the topic at hand to avoid confusing/shooing away potential customers!

7. Promote your site on multiple platforms

Don’t limit yourself to just advertising on Twitter or Instagram – there are many additional channels where, with the right approach, advertising campaigns can be extremely successful! Think outside of the box here: think LinkedIn, YouTube, even Pinterest… all of these platforms can become powerful tools for increased visibility, branding, and ultimately more followers and likes!

8. Get involved in relevant discussions

Last but certainly not least, a great way to boost likes is to get involved in relevant discussions in your local community, forums, groups, blogs, etc. Simply jumping straight into the conversation is enough to initially draw attention, while engaging in interesting debates, commenting on helpful advice in the long run will lead to new connections, relationships within the industry sector, which will eventually translate into additional followers, growth in the overall number of Likes your page receives.