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Villagers can be some really useful mobs when you know how to handle them. Check this video and learn how to trade with Villagers in Minecraft and get as many precious items as you can get!

With the help of minecraft hypixel accounts, the villagers can trade in the Minecraft server. The creation of the accounts is easy and simple for the people. The meeting of the needs of the villagers is possible with the selection of the hypixel accounts on the best server.

Not every living thing that goes around Minecraft is to be eaten or to be feared. The game also has Villagers, non-player characters that can be rather handy if you know how to use them.

In this video we see one of the most important things to bear in mind in order to get numerous items quick and easy way. Here we will show you how to trade with Villagers in Minecraft, and soon you will find out why these funny looking fellows are such a perfect source!

So, where can you find them? At their homes, of course! Although they can be quite hard to find, the search is definitely worth it. You can even use some of their homes to live them when you are in a rush and the night falls. The Villagers will not kick you out and you can use this opportunity to take a peek at the cute interiors of these constructions.

If you are looking for the right item, you can always trade it with the Villagers. The more items you exchange with them, the more they will trust in you. Build a strong trading relationship with these and you will get yourself the best deals!

By night, the mobs attack the village, and its inhabitants will be turned into zombies! So be careful if you are planning a vacation to these towns! To protect yourself, you can always build an Iron Golem which will kill all the mobs and take care of the Villagers. In this video we will explain to you how to do so! In this way, the Villagers will be safe and ready to trade with you!

Hey guys! Hypixel hacking posted a pretty cool greenhouse design that somebody made. It was really simple to create, but I thought I’d share this guide to show you all how to make your own greenhouses. This guide is aimed at anybody that might not be that experience with Minecraft Pocket Edition yet, so if you find this boring, how about sharing it with any friends that might have only just got Minecraft Pocket Edition? Anyway, let’s get started!

Firstly, you’ll want to find or create a nice flat area of land. This will make building the foundations of your greenhouse much, much easier. I have laid out some dirt to create a decent amount of flat land.

Next, you’ll want to build the foundations of your greenhouse. I have used stone slabs – you can see my progress below. I have left a two-block space at the front because this will be the entrance.

After doing the same as above, you’ll want to create some even holes in your flat land – this will be for water. Crops need water to grow, so it’s important to spread it out evenly. The way you dig holes for water will depend on the size of your greenhouse, but if you build on the same size as mine, you could use this picture as a guideline.

Now you just need to fill the holes with water!

Once you’ve done that, hoe all of the dirt, and fill it with seeds, leaving out spaces in the middle for lights. I have used woodblocks in the middle bits of dirt and put torches on the sides of the wood. Crops need light to grow, so these torches will make sure it stays light, even in the middle of the night.