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So if you’ve got all the time available during Christmas holidays, you can think about doing many things like planning a fun trip abroad, movie watching, video gaming and so on but there are many folks belonging to 80s and 90s generation that are happy doing the latter two.

Despite Netflix and Amazon Prime having a bulk of motion pictures from across the globe, the aforementioned gen still prefers to spend hours together playing video games and with the enormous variety available at their disposal, they are surely going to make the best of the opportunity.

Minecraft is one such venture that has completed a decade of success only last month and continues to go strong with some new features added to its playlist but today we are going to discuss about some of its notable service providers that many people are ignorant about and so they need to be educated on the matter.

Fact Discussion

All you need is to create Minecraft accounts because is a necessary thing for ones that are video game aficionados especially Minecraft because a mind boggling adventure is what you’ll get in the bargain that will set your adrenaline pumping at high level.

It is not every day that you get to host a server Minecraft because there are limited offers available due to which apart from a strong internet connection you also have to go for server creation to log into the numerous levels through which the game progresses.

The game was launched by Mojang Studios in 2011 that is classified as a sandbox video game, which means that the game where the player has to use his own creativity and innovation many times instead on relying on the structure and cheat codes to make the task easy for him as is common factor in many PlayStation and Xbox 360 ventures since many years.

The credit goes to Jens Bergensten due to whom Minecraft fans found an interesting alternative for the already existing war craft games that have gained iconic status even though this one has its own charm because it has flawed characters that wanted to accomplish a goal instead of the regular good/bad guys.

This goes onto show that just like movies, video games with grey shaded characters are gaining massive approval among folks and so the following Minecraft servers are what you need to be aware of before starting the venture.

Host Service

  1. Sparked Host- When it comes to affordable service providers, this one is high on the list with a subscription of $1 per month following which you contact the client and begin playing after initial tests.
  2. GG Servers- It is a preferable option due to its high speed of 4 to 5GHz along with a fast SSD drive through which you can store hundreds of data files
  3. Nodecraft- It has a highly advanced control panel called Node Panel 2 where service providers can get discount offers upon subscription
  4. Cubed Host- You can easily install Modpacks with the help of an advanced control panel called Prisma
  5. The Archon- An upgraded version with the latest cheat codes
  6. Westeroscraft- You get to the high wall Red Keep found at King’s Landing with a Game of Thrones feel added for good measure
  7. Brawl
  8. Hypixel
  9. Zero Minr
  10. Mining Dead