Exam Fever- Leveling Up Performance

Exam fever is just around the corner even as the rainy season is coming to an end because you have to start reading and writing without wasting much time but sadly there are very few people that follow through on this path.

We are living in an age where grades decide the true merit of an individual instead of talent that is utilized on a practical basis and it is the grades that decide your true worthiness that gives you a lucrative job in a billion dollar multinational company where you can provide a luxurious lifestyle to the family.

But that is a topic for another day as today we shall discuss about an important examination called International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) that are apparently quite important in order to get a renowned degree so as to get a well paid job.

Class 9 Theory

Everyone would have heard about the General Certificate for Secondary Education (GCSE) and IGCSE that take place in the United Kingdom and considered the ultimate for any British citizen in the field of education although IGCSE Singapore is also an excellent place to try your luck out.

IGCSE Singapore has an excellent curriculum that allows students to cultivate skills at a random pace through and this is a common practice during secondary education phase for all schools in Singapore.

People that have started Class 9 are quite nervous as they feel that this is the penultimate test that is a giant leap towards success and they aren’t entirely wrong because IGCSE and GCSE are renowned all over especially in the United Kingdom with universities as renowned as Oxford and Cambridge conduct online classes for preparations.

Speaking of preparations, there is an ongoing debate on whether online classes are as reliable as a tuition teacher sitting by your side and constantly guiding you in case you commit mistakes, which are inevitable to happen given the enormous workload and the time constraint that is involved in IGCSE.

Nonetheless it is important to prepare well for the oncoming examination, which is quite easy to manage because you don’t need to burn midnight oil to get top grades as regular studying without losing focus is more than enough to clear through on these exams.

Preparation Level

The subject streams involve commerce, arts, engineering, math, medicine, accountancy along with optional choices like world history, geography, etc.

Mark the dates for each examination on your calendar well in advance and accordingly devote each number of hours for each subject everyday but start with the weakest subject (s) first because for the ones you are adept you can revise everything later.

Go through the syllabus given in all subjects where you need to know about the assessment tests and viva questions that are likely to be asked in exam so better borrow books from the library.

Practice math sums regularly each day for an hour especially calculus and go through question papers of the last 5 years while for commerce you can do the same by taking question papers for the last 10 years.

Once you sincerely go through all subjects, you will find that there is no rocket science in clearing them thereby reducing the mental pressure from your head and give your best on exam day.