Features That You Will Find In Panyaden International School

Choosing a school is very important for every child. A school that provides you proper education plays a significant role in building our future. School is not only for providing education; moreover, it helps the child groom, learn, and grow. School is where children learn new things; it teaches the child to be punctual and disciplined. There are many other things that the child will get to learn only in school, not at home. A school is a place that is full of learning and fun. 

The panyaden international school helps your child to build their emotional quotient along with intelligence quotient. They want their child to be excellent in academics and physical, emotional, social, and intellectual well-being. Now let us talk about the features that a school must provide you:

Well Educated And Experienced Staff

In many schools, we see that the staff employed by the school is not educated and that they provide proper education to the children. This happens especially with the children that are studying in primary school or at playschool. But here, the whole system is the opposite. At this school, you will find that each subject teacher requires a particular education set by the school. If the teacher has that education, then only they will be selected. 

The selecting criterion of the teachers also differs from subject to subject and the level at which they will teach. Not only this teacher who is going to teach the kindergarten section also requires a certain degree and courses. These teachers will also be provided with training to handle small kids properly. If the school sees some potential in the teacher, then they will hire otherwise not. 

Specialist Programs

Here at international secondary school chiang maiyour child can also study some particular subject along with his education. There are many additional subjects that they can choose from. Over that, there are diploma courses also provided to the students to enrich their academic skills and learn new things. Here your child will find something new every day to learn. This is the best thing about this school.

School is all about learning new things and growing. Mainly your child will find four areas of development. These areas are physical, moral, emotional, and intellectual. The child can choose any of them. This school is based on Buddhist values and beliefs. They have some set of wise habits that help your child to be groomed in all four areas.

Pre-School Facility  

Before going to school, children join a playschool where they can learn to sit in the class and other essential things. At the international secondary school chiang mai, you will find the facility of pre-school. If you want to get your child to study in this school, you should also send your child to their playschool. It is beneficial for the school as well as the child. The child will get familiar with the school environment, and the teacher will also get to know about your child’s potential.

Fresh Air System

This is the unique feature that you will find only in this international secondary school chiang mai. This system will be built in 2019 by experienced engineers. This system is installed to provide the children fresh air. With the help of this system, the school succeeds in cooling and purifying the indoor air. Also, this system helps to bring the index of indoor air at the level of green air. 

Even if the air quality index of the outside environment is higher, the system keeps the inside air index at the green level. This is far better than other air conditions. With this, your child will also get fresh air even inside the classroom, as this is the safest way to make the fresh air accessible inside the classroom. As a result, their co2 level always remains low in the classes.

The End Words

So these are some features that you will get in this school. The fees of this school are also significantly less, and they also provide you special off to the students. The central vision of the school is to provide value-based education to its students. The school also helps the child learn about nature which will help them and the people surrounding them.