How to send the private message most safely and securely?

Private Message is now used by a lot of app agents to share the private messages among the admins or the agents. This is considered to be one of the safest options to share the information between two colleagues which they don’t want to share with any third person by any chance. There are plenty of apps available in the market through which you can make such messages.

Why it is safe:

Private notes are considered to be the safest messages that you can do to your colleague. There are some reasons behind the same.

  • First of all, these private notes are all encrypted. Rather than going as a text it goes as a link to the recipient. Hence, no third person will be able to see the note by any chance.
  • It is not possible to spy on these messages because, the encrypted message will directly go to the recipient whom you have selected for the particular message. Even the data will not be visible to the app.
  • Once the recipient of the message reads the note, the same will get destroyed automatically. Even if the recipient of the note doesn’t read it, it will only stay in his or her mailbox or message box for thirty days. After that all the unread notes will get purged automatically.

Perfect for sending messages to colleagues:

Private notes can be extremely handy when you are sending the same to your colleagues for many reasons. If you are reassigning any particular app issue of the end-user to another agent or colleague you may want to leave a note for him or her that is important and usable for the latter. On a particular issue written on the dashboard, you can add your encrypted comment which will only reach the wanted recipient. It can be very useful to share the recovery notes, any kind of important passwords like WIFI passwords, server configurations, and many other secret things.

Use the best apps:

There are plenty of apps available online now a day which you can use to send private message to the other colleagues. However, as safety and security of the notes you are sending is the most important matter in this case, you will want to select the best app which you are using to send the private notes. There are many such reputed apps available online and most of them are allowing the users to send their notes for free of cost.

However, when you are using any such app you need to make yourself double assured about the safety and security of the app. The encryption provided by the app should be absolutely strong so that even any spy cannot see the private message by any chance. Apart from safety and security you should also check how fast you can send the message to the recipient because in certain cases you may need to send an immediate private note to the recipients. 

Use the feature of private notes and send the encrypted message to any colleague without allowing any other person to see the message by any chance.