Japanese bomber jacket styles will warm up your wardrobe

Sukajans are Japanese bomber jackets from the 1970s. Sukajan are a prominent aspect of Japanese fashion culture, as evidenced by its silk fabric and intricate embroidery. They are currently enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity. Sukajans have become a must-have garment in recent years, worn by both front-line celebrities and street fashion fans. Continue reading to learn where to find the best souvenir sukajan in Tokyo.

Okuma Shokai: Discover the ideal sukajan in the centre of Ueno

If you’re new to sukajan and don’t know where to begin, Okuma Shokai is a good place to start. Okuma Shokai, a short walk from Ueno Station on the famed Ameyoko retail district, is crammed to the rafters with a broad range of sukajans of various colours, styles, and sizes. The sukajans here encompass all of the main traditional designs, including Mount Fuji, dragons, cherry blossoms, and tents. There are also many more current options, such as souvenir jacket with popular anime characters. If you need the coats right now, you can buy them from the racks. If you want a more personalised sukajan, they allow you to customise them. Okuma Shokai, for example, accepts orders for entirely personalised sukajan and has created sukajan for usage in television and movies.

Ueno’s Freak Market: Sukajan and bold fashion

If you can’t find what you’re searching for on Okuma Shokai, don’t panic; Freak Market, another well-known sukajan store, is only down the street. In addition to sukajan, you can get other amazing and daring pieces of Japanese apparel, such as T-shirts, polo shirts, and jeans – a perfect option for individuals who live in locations where it is too hot to wear a souvenir jacket all year. Because embroidered shirts are slightly less expensive than a full-fledged sukajan, they are also a wonderful alternative for a keepsake for friends and family back home. If you prefer a rebellious look, there is no better way to express your passion for Japan than with an item from Freak Market!

Second-hand Paris Rock and Sukajyan Dept. in Harajuku Sukajan with a feeling of adventure

It’s no secret that Harajuku is one of Tokyo’s most important subculture fashion hotspots. If you’re seeking for a truly one-of-a-kind retro sukajan, perhaps thrift stores are for you. Because stock varies on a daily basis, there are no guarantees of size, design, or availability. But, if you have the time or want to try your luck, you can travel to Harajuku. +8 Paris Rock, a vintage and original clothes company, has launched a Sukajyan Dept committed to bringing together top quality vintage sukajan. You’ll find a wide range of sukajan here that look great on everyone. Make a trip at +8 Paris Rock if you’re seeking for extremely unique models.

Kinji is a vintage clothes boutique in Harajuku that is just around the corner from Sukajyan Dept. Although it has a few lines of sukajan, it is not a business that specialises solely in these jackets – Kinji sells a wide range of clothing and antique accessories. The business has multiple locations throughout Tokyo (including one in Shimokitazawa, a thrift shop heaven), so there are plenty of intriguing fashion goods to find. If you are a fan of Japanese fashion in general, Kinji is the place to go to find miracles.