Main Features You Should Know About AnyDesk Software

AnyDesk is one of the leading remote access software used by most IT support specialists. In this article, we will discuss all of the important features that you should know before using the AnyDesk application by AnyDesk Software GmbH. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Remote Support

Remote support has its uses, from personal users, small businesses, to large corporations. A powerful remote access application enables users to deliver outstanding customer support as well as quick solutions to troubleshoot common problems and issues without physically moving to the user that needs assistance.

In particular, software developers and vendors will benefit the most from remote support since it allows them to assist their clients from the comfort of their head office. This cuts down on the cost associated with regular technician visits, which can be time consuming on the travel alone, in addition to the transportation expenses.

On the other hand, hooking up customers with support teams globally is simple and easy, making sure that you can always get fast solutions as a customer, or provide solutions to clients fast as a software vendor.

  1. Work from Home

Working from home has never been easier with AnyDesk. It allows you to access your office PC from any computer without latency and lag. This makes the experience almost the same as working with your actual office PC, with the exception that you can do it in any location as long as you have an excellent internet connection. 

For a lot of people, working from home has been the reality for quite a few months, especially with the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. Staying productive and on top of your game can be challenging, especially if you are working from home with a lot of distractions. Using a remote desktop application that is simple to use, safe, stable, and with all the needed features can make the difference.

  1. File Transfer features

AnyDesk has a clipboard feature that enables you to swap text, images, screenshots, and other files between different devices. Alternatively, you can use the file manager that comes with remote desk to easily manage your files between different PCs, and even devices. For example, a mobile device can access the files on a PC, and vice versa.

  1. Cross-Compatibility

The remote support feature of AnyDesk supports cross compatibility between different devices, platforms, and operating systems. The list of devices that supports cross compatibility includes Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry PI, FreeBSD, and Chrome OS for desktop devices, and Android and iOS for mobile devices. Cross compatibility means that even different devices and operating systems can interact with each other through the AnyDesk interface and use features like remote access and file transfer as stated above.

All of our AnyDesk versions on multiple devices are updated frequently to make sure that new features are compatible with different versions, which means that you won’t lose access to some of your devices in case one gets an update while your other devices do not.