Modern Cheongsam Styles and Place to Buy

Well, cheongsam is a Chinese dress that is perfect for looking and features the elegance of women. So there is no wonder these dresses are becoming quite popular to wear nowadays. 

Earlier, women wore it every day, but now it is worn on special occasions such as parties and weddings. There are too many options in cheongsam dresses to shop from the places and even in the style of dresses. 

The selection of the dresses at the Traditional Chinese Cheongsam can be made by examining the materials of dresses that are suitable for the occasion and looks pretty as well. Luckily, here is the list of the styles and places where people can quickly get their hands on cheongsam dresses.

Beautiful Styles –

  • Fishtail 

The first type of style in cheongsam dress is a flattering fishtail. The noticeable fact of these dresses is that they fit a woman’s body entirely, and then there is a slit out from their knees. In addition, the fishtail dresses are made from a right and rigid material to keep the look sturdy. Finally, to give the amazing touch to the dress, it is given with the look of lace that looks elegant and flowy.

  • Keyhole

The next one is the keyhole cheongsam dress. If you want to go with a classic look with a modern twist, this option is remarkable for you. The magnificent look of the dresses looks catchy. There are keyhole cheongsam dresses that include a wide collar in front, and other options have the smaller ones with clasps. The pro tip to wearing the keyhole dress is to pin your hair with these dresses that look more attractive.

  • Lace top

The next style is a lace top and sheer skirt. Long story short, this is the style that is beautiful but at the same time timeless to wear. The layered skirt with the lace top gives an amazing look. It definitely looks so pretty that it allows women with extra movement in the photos. In addition, this option is super stunning and comfortable. It gives you a highlight of where you are going because the ladies look gorgeous. Last but the best fact is it is suitable for every body type.

  • Inverted colors

The next one is inverted colors. To go with the traditional options in cheongsam, this one is a great style for you to wear. It comes in red with a golden touch that is a party catcher dress. To make a change after a while, you can flip the golden part and go with the red dress that looks gorgeous alone as well.

  • One Shoulder

Why not look some extra glamorous by wearing one-shoulder cheongsam dresses. This option is super-duper, perfect for summer weddings. The special part of this dress is the ruffled flower touch given on the strap of the dress. This is the lovely style for the spring that you can wear for some good occasions like weddings and parties.

  • Mandarin Collar

The second last style is the mandarin collar. Why not flaunt your pretty face with this high-neck dress? This style is extra elegant that includes the side slits. Do not forget to pair it with the amazing pair of heels that makes your overall look gorgeous.

  • Trendy Colors 

The last one is trendy colors. If you have enough collection of cheongsam dresses in red colors or want something good and different, then try trendy cheongsam dresses. It includes the traditional styles but with a color twist. The options of colors available in these dresses include burgundy, violet, emerald, and blue. Still, you can stick with the red one that adds extra colors to it to make it look classic.

Places to buy cheongsam – 

East meets dress

This place has an absolutely perfect modern design that is made from the best craftsmanship. It meets the demand of people because the collection features are perfect with a mixture of dresses. People can go for customizable dresses for some special occasions. The Chinese wedding dresses were available at this place with extended collection matches with grooms’ outfits. Amazing flavors inspire the dresses with amazing accessories.


Etsy is the perfect place that includes homemade vintage items. If you want to go for some custom dresses, this place is fabulous and includes the best design. Independent designers make it. The best part of this store is it includes a fabulous collection of amazing people’s crafts. It is a great choice for Chinese weddings that people can opt for.

Final Words 

When shopping for cheongsam dresses, there are many factors to consider, such as customer service, convenience, budget, and quality. But the most important thing is what is the occasion for you to buy the dresses. There are so many styles in these dresses, and to examine them read the information given above.