Some Crucial Steps That A Player Can Play To Play The Game In A Better Way

In order to play Fortnite like a pro, you need to know what you’re doing and how to do it. You also need to be aware of the differences between professional players and amateurs. There are several factors that can dramatically change the outcome of a game for you or another player. These include the number of people on your team, the location of the fight, how much health you have left, the type of weapon used and more. In this article, we’ll give you some pointers on how to improve your gameplay in Fortnite so that you can become an expert at playing the game. 

Be Aware Of Your Weapons 

The first thing you should learn is how to use each type of weapon in the game. The various weapons are divided into three categories: primary weapons (your fists), secondary weapons (shooting guns) and grenades (which explode when thrown). Each weapon has different advantages and disadvantages, and knowing these characteristics will help you determine which one is best against any given opponent. 

Primary Weapons 

Fists –

When you’ve got nothing better, you’ll probably want to resort to using your fists. Fists work well for defense and offense against opponents who only carry melee weapons. They tend to be more effective with smaller targets because they provide greater range. However, they don’t pack quite as much punch as other weapons. 

Grenades –

Grenades are good for hitting large groups of enemies at once. If you’re fighting someone armed only with a pistol or SMG, throw a grenade at them to force them to move away from their cover. You can also use a grenade to distract an enemy by throwing it before attacking them. 

Secondary Weapons 

Shotguns –

Shotguns have the ability to fire a lot of bullets very quickly, allowing you to hit multiple opponents from far away. This makes shotguns especially useful for eliminating snipers. It’s important to note, however, that shotguns take time to reload after firing. They also require a considerable amount of ammunition to kill even medium-sized opponents. 

Pistols –

Pistols have low damage, but they deal a lot of knockback. Knockback causes your character to fly backwards and fall down if he or she hits anything while moving. This makes pistols great for eliminating opponents that are hiding behind walls or other objects. On the downside, they aren’t very accurate and are useless against large enemies. 

Rifles –

Rifles are good for taking out larger targets such as tanks and helicopters. Unlike handguns, rifles have a high rate of fire, thus making them more efficient in killing large targets. They also have a higher damage output than pistols and are capable of piercing most body armor. 

Plasma Rifle –

Plasma rifles fire energy blasts that deal splash damage. They’re perfect for taking out small and medium-sized armored vehicles. They’re also used for hunting down and eliminating snipers. 

Tips For Using Your Primary Weapon 

When playing Fortnite, you should always attack with your primary weapon first. This means that you should never try to start a fight with a knife unless there are no other options available. Knives are good for close quarters combat, but they don’t perform well against enemies who are far away and have adequate armor. 

It’s also smart to keep your shield up at all times. Shields absorb the majority of attacks, making it almost impossible to harm you if you’re not actively dodging and blocking. Keep your crosshairs aimed at the front of your opponent’s head and body whenever possible. 

Be Aware Of Your Health Bar 

Your health bar indicates how much health you have remaining. Every time an enemy strikes you, the bar decreases until it reaches zero. Your health slowly regenerates over time, so you shouldn’t worry too much about constantly checking your health bar during a match. Instead, focus on knowing the limits of your abilities and staying aware of your surroundings. 

You should never underestimate your opponent’s health status. Some players may be carrying two assault rifles and two shotguns, whereas others could bring only a single rifle. Regardless of whether you’re playing solo or with friends, you should always assume that every gun in your arsenal is loaded and ready to go. 

Don’t get caught off guard by an opponent who suddenly rushes towards you. Always expect the unexpected and prepare yourself accordingly. 

Don’t Forget About the Cover! 

The cover is extremely important when playing Fortnite. This is especially true when playing with friends or strangers, as it prevents you from being attacked from certain angles. Covering yourself also protects you from getting shot from behind and helps you avoid being flanked. 

Always remember to look around and make sure that you’re not facing an opponent who is shooting at you from a different angle. Don’t allow yourself to be trapped in a corner where you cannot see your opponent and where you’re vulnerable to attack. 

Take Advantage Of Your Environment 

As mentioned earlier, the environment plays a big role in determining the outcome of a fight in Fortnite. Knowing how to manipulate the environment will greatly improve your chances of winning a match. 

For example, if you find yourself in a room full of heavy machinery, you should immediately run away. Even though heavy machinery can’t hurt you, it can easily knock you off balance and cause you to lose control of your own body. You should also be wary of waterfalls and pools of lava, as they are both deadly obstacles that can send you flying through the air. 

Always try to avoid fights that take place near windows, as these areas are often overlooked by players. Even if you’re able to sneak past an opponent without alerting him or her, you might still get stuck outside the window. 

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These tips will help you improve your gaming performance and ensure that you’ll continue to win matches against opponents whose skills are just as impressive as yours. By learning how to play Fortnite like a pro, you’ll soon become a master of the game.