The Best Instagram Video Downloaders For 2023: Download and Share

Downloading Instagram videos is becoming an increasingly popular way to share memories with your family, friends and followers. With the growing popularity of this platform, there are a number of tools available to help you download videos from Instagram. Here, we’ll discuss some of the best Instagram video downloaders available in 2023, which can help you easily save videos from the social media site.

1. Viddly: Quick & Easy Instagram Video Downloader

Viddly is one of the leading Instagram video download available in 2023, allowing users to quickly and easily download all types of media from their favourite accounts on the site. The tool supports high-quality downloads, allowing users to enjoy their content even when offline. It also supports downloading multiple videos at once, making it extremely convenient for those who want to keep up with all their favourite accounts on the go. In addition, Viddly offers its own browser extension that can be used to download directly from a page without having to keep the browser window open.

2. 4K Stogram: Free & secure Instagram video downloader

4K Stogram is another great option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use, yet secure Instagram video downloader. This tool allows users to securely and conveniently transfer data between devices, without any risk or hassle. It’s incredibly easy to use – just paste a link into 4kStogram’s interface and let it do the work! It also has no ads or pop-ups, so you won’t be distracted while you’re trying to transfer your files safely and quickly. You can also use this tool on both Windows and Mac systems, as well as mobile devices such as Android or iOS phones/tablets.

3. InstaSave: Fast & secure solution for your videos

InstaSave is one of the most reliable solutions for people who need quick access to their downloaded files from Instagram accounts they follow or manage themselves. This tool allows users to store their photos and videos locally on their computer or on cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, so they’ll never have to worry about losing them again! What’s more, InstaSave has built-in password protection so that only authorised people can access these files (particularly useful if you’re managing someone else’s account). Finally, InstaSave offers lightning fast download speeds across multiple platforms – perfect for those times when you just need something fast!

4. DownGram: High quality downloads without ads

DownGram is an excellent choice if you’re looking for high quality downloads without the occasional ad – something that many of its competitors can’t deliver consistently due to the low bandwidth servers they often rely on! However, unlike these competitors, DownGram uses powerful servers that ensure a smooth experience even during peak traffic hours; plus they come with extra security features such as SSL encryption, so your data remains safe while being processed by DownGram’s server infrastructure! Oh…and did we mention that DownGram also supports bulk downloads? Perfect if you’re trying to archive an entire account’s worth of content at once!

5 . InsTube: Versatile & Efficient Video Streaming Tool

InsTube is an efficient solution specifically designed for transferring large amounts of data from various sources such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but it works just as well when transferring content from Instagram! The app features multi-threaded download capabilities, which greatly reduce load times compared to regular single-threaded processes, and InsTube supports both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, so no matter where you are geographically (or how strong/weak your connection may be), InsTube will always ensure smooth transfers, no matter what! Lastly, although not necessary, Ins Tube also offers optional premium subscriptions which, depending on the subscription plan chosen by the end user(s), grant unlimited usage time among other benefits.

6 . VidMate : Simple & straightforward video grabber tool

VidMate stands out among its competitors because, unlike others, it focuses solely on downloading content from websites rather than offering generic file management functions across multiple sites simultaneously; this means faster processing times as there is less data to sort through before it can start grabbing target files. Plus, because VidMate was designed primarily to help people grab online content, it tends to provide better stability performance wise when dealing with websites known for notorious instability issues (such as YouTube); ensuring that grabs never fail due to sudden changes on the server side as sometimes happens with more generic file managers mentioned earlier!

7 . GIPHY Capture : Easily turn GIFs into videos

If you enjoy creating GIFs from existing videos, then GIPHY Capture is definitely worth considering; after all, why waste time manually converting clips to GIFs when automated software already exists to do the job effortlessly? Not only does GIPHY Capture help convert existing clips into GIFs, but – thanks to its intuitive UI design – it also allows you to add audio tracks, effects, etc., giving you much more control over the final product than would otherwise be possible in a purely manual process… As the icing on the cake though, GIPhy Capture boasts integration with several other popular web services – such as Google Hangouts, Snapchat etc., enabling direct publishing of GIFs generated by these services instantly once you have finished editing them!

8 . SnapDownloader: A complete social media platform

SnapDownloader stands apart from the competition due to sheer breadth of functionalities offered relatively short span of development time; ranging simple ability to save images found via URL unlimited simultaneous downloads complete automatic playlist creation options available in almost every major streaming service today market…

Lastly SnapDownloader goes extra mile providing real time analytics feedback information associated with each project undertaken to ensure maximum efficiency output delivered same time safeguarding integrity of original material used created projects against potential copyright infringement litigation cases might arise future date!


Finding the right tool or software package to maximise your experience with social media apps such as Instagram can prove to be a daunting task, navigating an ever-expanding landscape, seemingly similar offerings and a crowded marketplace… Fortunately, however, the above recommendations serve as a great starting point for anyone looking to find a comprehensive, reliable solution to suit individual needs in terms of downloading, streaming and sharing digital media formats today and tomorrow!