Three Lean Bulking Strategies By Preventing Body Fat

Lean bulk is a spark method with a stance of putting muscles on the body fat percentage with little. It is an image that manages the diet even more strictly than clean bulk. Instead, it pumps muscles while reducing body fat percentage.

Although it is a bit difficult to manage meals, it is a method to aim for a beautiful body because it has muscles while reducing fat. So, if you can do your best, it will be a recommended body makeup method, so if you are interested, please read on. Let’s go now!

What is lean bulk?

Lean bulk takes fine control over the calories consumed and does not increase body fat. Calculate calories burned according to basal metabolism and living level to determine the necessary calories strictly. This method is performed to minimize calorie intake and increase only muscles. Since it is difficult to peel up while dropping without applying body fat, it is often done before the tournament by advanced muscle training.

How to calculate lean bulk?

The target calorie intake is +250 kcal maintenance calories.

Maintenance calories are calculated by “lean body weight ×40 kcal”.

Lean body mass is calculated by “bodyweight – fat mass.”

For example, if you weigh 70 kg and have a body fat percentage of 10%, the fat mass is 7 kg, so lean body mass is 63 kg.

In other words, the maintenance calorie is 2,520 kcal, multiplied by 40 kcal on 63kg.

The calories consumed for lean bulk are “maintenance calories +250 kcal”. This 250kcal is the minimum calorie required for muscle hypertrophy, so it is necessary when you want to do muscle training.

In other words, it is only reasonable to combine so that the calorie intake is 2,770 kcal. By the way, the formula that can calculate maintenance calories from weight and body fat percentage at once is as follows:

Maintenance calories = {weight- (body fat percentage ÷100) × body weight)} ×40 + 250 kcal.

Three benefits of a lean bulk

  • Maintain the appearance and increase the volume

The great advantage of lean bulk is maintaining its appearance and increasing its volume. Lean bulk is a method of increasing body fat hard. So, you can keep a masculine body. Even though you are increasing the amount of body makeup, your motivation will decrease if you do not get sloppy yourself during the increase period. Lean bulk only increases muscle once the fat is dropped, so you can increase the amount while maintaining the appearance.

  • You can shorten the weight-loss Period

The advantage is that lean bulk can shorten the weight-loss period. Lean bulk is a goal to increase the amount of body fat as much as possible. So, weight loss after reaching the ideal muscle mass is unnecessary. Even if you get some fat, you can set a short weight-loss period, reducing the burden on both mind and body.

  • Can increase healthily

Lean bulk can also be increased healthily. Slim size is slow to grow because it strictly calculates calories burned and the minimum over-calories. Suppose you ingest many calories in a short period and repeat the increase and weight loss. The burden on internal organs will be significant, and body disorders tend to occur. But lean bulk can increase slowly and shorten the weight-loss period. So, you can improve your body without burdening the body.


Many fruit sources can also help enrich your body with male hormones. Increasing your vitamin D may increase testosterone too for bodybuilding, training, nutrition, muscles, and their names, exercises, and how they are performed, and it is recommended to use them. However, understanding and applying the critical but basic principles learned in this guide will give you the most tools to progress in the best possible way.